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Neighborhood Watch

While your local police or sheriffs are there to protect you from criminals, your neighborhood should take it upon itself to protect itself from crime and vandals. A neighborhood watch can be a crucial step in weeding out criminal activity in your community.

What's a neighborhood watch?

The concept of the neighborhood watch came from the "town watch" which was and invention of the Colonial United States. A neighborhood watch is comprised of a group of residents who keep an eye on their community and when they see some sort of suspicious activity, they report it to trained officials.

The key functions of a neighborhood watch are to observe and to be aware of whats going on in the community. It is amazing how much of a difference these two duties can make. A neighborhood watch also helps to improve the quality of life within the neighborhood, as it minimizes the amount of criminal activity while also reducing the amount of police that need to patrol.

Experts say that a neighborhood watch is truly effective because it prevents criminal activity before the crime is committed. It has been said that a neighborhood watch has been more successful than behavioral modification to criminals.

Sex Offender Records

Your local neighborhood watch should also be aware of sex offenders living in your neighborhood. To be classified as a sex offender the person has to be convicted of one of several different sex crimes. And once convicted he or she must enlist in a registry in the area they reside.

Typically a sex offender is classified by level. Low level sex offenders are forced to register themselves for a certain period of time, whereas a high level offender must register themselves as an offender for the remainder of their life. If you would like to access these records, we would recommend you simply fill out the form above to instantly access the sex offender records in your neighborhood.

The first step in keeping your friends and family safe is to examine your neighborhood and be aware of past sex offenders. By simply taking a few minutes to search through the sex offender records in your neighborhood you can keep your neighborhood safe.