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A people search is often times referred to as skiptracing, which is the process of finding an individual's specific location for one of a variety of reasons. The term skiptracing came from the expression "to skip town". Where the suspect of a crime would leave town in a hurry, leaving little clues behind about their whereabouts.

Who benefits from a people search?

Individuals such as lawyers, detectives, bounty hunters, collection agencies, journalists, and private investigators are the typical occupations that benefit from skiptracing. However everyday people can benefit from the information that they receive from a people search. One example of how skiptracing can be beneficial to civilians is that it can provide you with the necessary information to find a long lost friend.

Why are people searches important?

People searches are important because it allows you to gather information pertaining to a certain individual that you may or may not be able to access due to the whereabouts of that individual. Often times when a person cannot pay their bills he or she will ignore all calls pertaining to their debt.

How does one perform a people search?

Typically a well-done skiptrace had to be done by a trained professional. When performed by a trained professional you will typically be delivered information ranging from past addresses, as well as credit reports, background checks, current and past phone numbers, public tax and social security information and utility information, just to name a few. Once the information is accessed thin it will be have to be analyzed and verified to make sure that the results are accurate.

Often times there is a "social engineering" aspect of a people search that also has to be performed to give the most accurate results. Social engineering is a process in which all of the people who have been in contact with the person that is being searched is investigated. That means questioning their colleagues, neighbors, friends, aquintences to gather any sort of information that would add to the search results.

If you don't want to use a professional skip tracer to access your information pertaining to a particular person, you can simply fill out the form above to start your search. Weather it is for personal or professional reasons performing a people search can provide you with information that can be very beneficial to you.