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License Plate Records

There are several reasons why a license plate search would be beneficial to you. Have you ever wanted to figure out the driver that cut you off. Or maybe you would like to figure out who has been leaving their car in front of you yard the the past few weeks? The answer to these questions and several more often times can lay within license plate records.

What is a License Plate?

License plates are used as identification most commonly used on vehicles. A license plate typically contains an alphanumeric code that identifies that vehicle. However often times with alphanumeric codes have similar looking letters and numbers, so several states elimate letters like O, I, and Q as they appear very similar to the numbers 0 and 1.

How do I Search Motor Vehicle Records?

The first place you can go to look for license plate records would be your local DMV, or the DMV website. If you would like to get started instantly, you can simply fill out the form above to get started now. Typically in order to start your search you will need the license plate number, as well as the state to which it is registered in. Meaning that all the information that you would need to start your search can be found on a license plate.

Why are license plate records important?

There are several reasons why you might be interested in conducting a license plate search. Typically you are able to gather several pieces of information from your search, most of the time you receive registration information. Where you can learn the owners personal information.

Aside from the the registration information, you can also find out other important information pertaining to the car. This information would be useful especially if you are planning on purchasing a used car. Your licensed plate search will provide you with the vehicle's title information, previous accident history (if any), and mileage check.

Here are are few more details you can receive with a license plate lookup:

  • If the car has been damaged, salvaged or rebuilt
  • If the car has had any sort of frame or water damage
  • If the car had previously been used as a fleet vehicle, or was used as a cab or taxi

License plate records are come in handy when it comes to reporting crime and careless drivers. To ensure that the used car you are looking to purchase hasn't been damaged, we would recommend you take a few minutes to look into license plate records.