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IP Address Search

Are you worried you somebody is stalking you online? Do you have somebody sending you spam emails that are clogging up your inbox? If you are fed up and want to to get to the bottom of this problem, or perhaps you have another reason to find a person's online address, then you should start your IP address search now.

What's an IP Address

Much like you have an address for your home or apartment, your have a cyber address for accessing the web. This is called your IP address. It provides you with a unique sequence of numbers to identify your connection to the internet. And just like your home address, your IP address allows you to both send and receive information.

What information can I get from my IP Address Search

An IP address search can provide you with a wide variety of information ranging from:

  • The ISP(internet service provider) of the owner.
  • Physical location of the owner.
  • Domain records

Unfortunately you can't access the name of the owner of the IP address that is being searched. In order to retrieve this information you will have to receive permission from your a judge.

How do I start my IP address search?

There are many different approaches you can take when performing an IP address search. There are several different sites out on the internet that can help you start your IP address search. Or to get started instantly you can simply fill out the form above.

One of the sites you can use to start your search is, which will provide you with a search box where you can enter the IP address or domain information that you would like to look up.

If you want to put an end to all the span emails that are filling up your inbox. Or you want to want to ensure that a a person you are dealing with on the internet is who they say they are. Get the information you need to put an end to the worrying when dealing with people on the internet.