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Driving while under the influence(DUI)

There are several reasons why DUI/DWI records can be useful for you. There are several industries where driving is a persons profession, a few of them being truck drivers, movers, taxi cab drivers, and bus drivers. In order to ensure that you are hiring the a qualified candidate you will want to make sure that they will not be putting anybody in harm's way.

DUI/DWI Crimes

As mentioned above, DUI stands for driving under the influence (of a controlled substance). DWI, is an acronym for driving while intoxicated. Both of these offenses are geared towards driver operated vehicles. The legal measure of your blood alchohol is done through a blood test, and can be no more than .05 (however this varies betweens states).

Typically a DUI or DWI carry a relatively minor offense, however if there are people who have been injured or killed, or there are large amounts of damage the charges may be escalated to a felony offense.

Why should I search for DUI/DWI criminal records?

There are several reasons why knowing your employees past DUI/DWI records. As mentioned before, if you running any sort of business with a vehicle you will need a person to operate it. If you have a potential employee who has had several DUI offenses you might want to reconsider them for the position.

If you happen to stumble upon a qualified candidate who may have a prior DUI or DWI I wouldn't automatically disqualify from the candidate as DUI and DWI offenses are a common offense these days. However if the the candidate has had several instances of DUI or DWI you may want to reconsider them for the position.

How to search for DUI/DWI records?

If you are searching for DUI or DWI records, they can be found on government websites, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV). If you would like to access in person, you can make your way down to your local DMV and request the records there.

If you are unable to retrieve the DUI/DWI records from your local DMV you may also simply fill out the form above to begin your search.

While DUI/DWI may be a relatively minor offense, you will want to take into consideration if the candidate has made it a habit. If you want to ensure that your business will be safe, you might want to take a few minutes to search through our DUI/DWI database. This will allow your to check up on your employees or potential employees previous DUI/DWI records.