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Asset Records

Asset records allow you to access detailed information pertaining to ownership history of an item. The data that can be found in asset records can assist in the deductions and expense depreciations.

Here are a couple examples of how assets can be categorized:

  • Land
  • Vehicles
  • Art Works/Collections
  • Personal Libraires

  • Buildings/Infrastructure

All asset records should contain:

  • Description
  • Sale price and date
  • Costs - direct costs and fees associated
  • Accumulated depreciation

How do I find Ownership Records?

In most cases, ownership records are available to the public. Your best option would probably to be by using the internet to start your search. If you want to get started no, you could simply fill out the form above to start your asset records search. Upon the completion of your search, you will be provided with the information pertaining to the property's owner and description.

You can also head down to your county's tax assessor's office, or to the county record's office. Typically you will be able to access transactions that include mortgages, liens, and to see if there is any small jewelry that you can take ownership of. Ownership records can also help you when trading gold for cash.

Why should I search for ownership records?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Find a owner of a specific property.
  • It will also provide you with specific information about the previous purchase of the property.